Jewel Bottle Beetle

Jewel Bottle Beetle
Scientific Name:
Julodimprha saundersii
Reference Number:

Order Coleoptera; Family Buprestidae; Scientific name: Julodimorpha saundersii; Recent synonym: Julodimorpha bakewelli; Common name: Jewel Bottle Beetle; Alternative common name: Jewel Beetle – On Lambswool Lachnostachys eriobortya Family Lamiaceae apparently a plant on which they feed - Distribution in Australia: Western Australian endemic beetle widely distributed between Exmouth Peninsula in the north and Cocklebiddy on the Nullarbor Plain in the east; Behavioural note: Male Jewel Bottle Beetles are known for their inclination to mate with discarded beer bottles.  Females of this species are flightless and considerably larger than the males, they have also similar brown, textured surface as the discarded stubbies.  In species with considerably larger females, males tend to prefer the biggest females, hence the attraction to a very large replica female / bottle. Unfortunately this tendency for selecting the largest possible female and consequent substituting them for discarded beer bottles impacts rates of reproduction of this species.

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Reference Number: LLN-803
Scientific Name: Julodimprha saundersii
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