Cerambycinae – Bardistus cibarius – Bardi Grub

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Cerambycinae – Bardistus cibarius – Bardi Grub
Scientific Name:
Bardistus cibarius
Reference Number:

Order Coleoptera; Family Cerambycidae (Longicorn, or Longhorn Beetles); Subfamily Cerambycinae; Scientific name: Bardistus cibarius; Common name: Bardi Grub; Alternative common name: Longicorn or Longhorn Beetle – Distribution in Australia: an endemic Western Australian beetle found in southern WA;  Note: it may have been introduced to New South Wales and Queensland - Photographed: in May, in Perth suburb of Hillarys, Western Australia.

Additional Details

Reference Number: LLJ-255c
Scientific Name: Bardistus cibarius
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