Welcome to the Professional Image Library ‘Lochman Transparencies’

Lochman Transparencies is an Australian-owned picture library of high quality rights-protected stock photographs. We have been supplying images to Australian and overseas book, magazine and calendar publishers, government departments, museums, advertising agencies and graphic designers for over 25 years.

Our Specialties
Being based in Australia it is only natural that the bulk of our stock covers all aspects of Australia; its Wildlife – from the smallest Insects to the biggest Kangaroos and Crocodiles; Australian Flora, Marine Life, and both Natural and Man-Made Australian Landscapes. Wildlife and other aspects of Australia’s neighbouring countries – New Zealand, Antarctica, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, India, Madagascar, and South Africa, are also comprehensively covered, while all other continents are featured by equally amazing iconic wildlife and landscape images. We also provide FREE picture research for our clients and reliable general information and scientific names of each photographed subject at no additional cost. With over 250,000 quality images from which to choose, you can be sure to find exactly what you’re after. View our Stock Photo Library online or contact us directly and our friendly team will be happy to assist you with your project.

Search Tips

  1. If you know the full name or part of the scientific name of the animal/plant you are looking for, type it in the Scientific Name  quick search box. Otherwise, use the Common Name/Description search box.
  2. If you are working on a particular family of plants or animals, key it in the  Common Name/Description  search box to reveal all of the photographs related to that particular group.   If you need to view all members of a particular genus, you need to key the genus name in the  Scientific Name  quick search box.