Intermediate Egret – fishing

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Intermediate Egret – fishing
Scientific Name:
Egretta intermedia
Reference Number:

Order Ciconiiformes; Family Ardeidae (Herons & Egrets); Scientific name: Egretta intermedia; Formerly: Ardea intermedia; Subspecies: plumifera; Common name: Intermediate Egret; Alternative common name: Plumed Egret - Distribution in Australia: subspecies: plumifera occurs in northern and eastern Australia including Tasmania; from Roebuck Bay south of Broome in Western Australia through the northern and eastern Northern Territory, throughout Queensland and New South Wales to coastal Victoria and eastern South Australia - Distribution outside Australia: subspecies plumifera occurs in eastern Indonesia and southern New Guinea; other subspecies range from southern Asia to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Additional Details

Reference Number: RBD-568
Scientific Name: Egretta intermedia
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