Araneidae – Argiope protensa – Tear-drop Spider

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Araneidae – Argiope protensa – Tear-drop Spider
Scientific Name:
Argiope protensa
Reference Number:

Class Arachnida; Order Araneae; Infraorder Araneomorphae; Family Araneidae (Orb-weavers); Scientific name: Argiope protensa; Common name: Teardrop Spider; Alternative common name: St Andrew’s Cross Spider – Female spinning the web - Distribution in Australia: present in all mainland states and northern Tasmania inclusive of the deserts of the centre; plus on the Torres Strait islands – Photographed: in May, near Well 12 on Canning Stock Route, in Little Sandy Desert, Western Australia.

Additional Details

Reference Number: RAD-116
Scientific Name: Argiope protensa
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